Free Target Gift Card With 4moms Purchase (mamaRoo Etc)

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I’ve always thought the 4moms mamaRoo was an overpriced, odd looking bouncer and it might be but it also might be awesome. I was chatting with a friend yesterday whose baby has colic and she said the mamaRoo has SAVED them! Apparently it kind of bounces and sways like a parent rather than the traditional swing motion. I also know a couple of you want one really bad (hey, Chrystal!) so here is a deal!

You can also get a free $25-$40 Target gift card with these 4moms items.

These are definitely not budget items but I don’t see them discounted very often so this is a decent deal.

PS: This mamaRoo is only $169.99 on Amazon which is a better deal if you don’t mind a wild print!

DIY Miracle Blanket AKA “Bat Wings Swaddle”

A few days ago, I was reading the comments in a post where a mom was asking for help because her baby kept breaking out of her swaddle. A lot of moms suggested “Bat Wings” and I was curious what they meant so I did a google search. Basically, it’s a DIY Miracle Blanket!

Just watch this video I found on YouTube of a mom showing you step by step how to create a bat swing swaddle. If you already have a SwaddleMe (or something like it) and a receiving blanket, you can save some money by making your own Miracle Blanket type swaddle. This will help keep your baby from breaking free from the swaddle which in turn will help them sleep better and longer.

Make sure you dress your little one lightly so they don’t get overheated.

Do you have any baby-related DIY or money saving tips?

BabySTEALS Birthday Week: $10 Bounceback Cash for every $50 Spent

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If you watch for deals on, they just started a fun birthday week! Here are the details from an email they sent me.

Starting now through May 2, spend $50 on any steal site and get $10 in Bounceback Cash! Then get ready because Sunday kicks off a week-long celebration of BabySteals fan favorites, giveaways, and secret steals that no mama will want to miss. 

You can get some awesome deals on BabySteals! Even with shipping you can often get a better deal compared to Amazon. I got my Ergobaby Sport from them several years ago and it is one of my most used baby items. You definitely want to keep an eye out for deals this next week.

You can see their current baby deal here. It changes twice a day at 8am PST and 8pm PST. Let me know if you see anything good!