Breastfeeding Freebies and Deals

If you're breastfeeding, make sure and check out these great freebies and deals for nursing moms!

Breastfeeding Freebies

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly the most affordable way to feed your baby but there are still some expenses involved. You’ll probably want a few nursing tops and bras, a nursing pillow, pads to protect from leaks, maybe even a breast pump and items for freezing breast milk.  So while many like to say that breastfeeding is a free way to feed your baby, that isn’t quite true in most cases.

In order to help you save money on nursing related items, I have rounded up some great breastfeeding freebies and deals to minimize the costs. You’ll also find some of my favorite resources for breastfeeding because sometimes you need a little advice and support, especially in the beginning.

Free Breastfeeding eBook with Subscription

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If you’re going to be breastfeeding your newborn, you might want to take advantage of this free eBook offer from If you subscribe to their newsletter at the bottom of this page, you’ll get The Breastfeeding Lifeline ebook for free!

I didn’t read a book before I had my first baby and I regretted it because breastfeeding was a bigger challenge than I expected! I highly recommend doing some reading to help you prepare for what will end up being an incredible experience. This eBook is full of great information and it will save you some money too.

Free eBook: A Comprehensive Guide to Herbs and Breastfeeding

Earth Mama Angel Baby, a great company that provides safe, herbal alternatives for pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, and babies, has a free eBook available! Follow this link to download A Comprehensive Guide to Herbs and Breastfeeding.

Kelly Mom (Free Resource Site)

I cannot talk about breastfeeding without mentioning an awesome website. I give a lot of credit to Kelly Mom for helping me throughout my breastfeeding journey. Whenever I was worried or stressed out about things like whether my baby was getting enough milk or gaining enough weight, Kelly Mom provided me with the information I needed.

I cannot praise this website enough and while it has changed a lot since I used it, I am sure all the same information is available. I highly recommend all pregnant moms who are planning to breastfeeding bookmark this site. It is fantastic, up-to-date, unbiased, and completely free.

Free Nursing Cover Patterns

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, head over to Ask the Lactation Consultant for a free nursing cover pattern with instructions and photos. According to the PDF, you can make your own nursing cover for about $5. You can also head to Craftsy for a free nursing cover tutorial pattern.

Free Printable for Hospital

If you’re concerned about your baby getting formula in the hospital (I’ve heard of it happening many times!) then print this image to post in your hospital room to make sure all the nurses and staff know that your baby should only get your breastmilk.

Free Homemade Nursing Pads

I found a great article on making your own homemade nursing pads! Just use receiving blankets you no longer need or old flannel sheets. Great tip from Passionate Homemaking!

Free Breast Pump (Covered by Insurance)

Breastfeeding Freebies and Deals

Did you know your insurance might cover the cost of your breast pump or lactation consultant? Read this article on iVillage and then call your insurance company for the details.

Free Printable Breastfeeding Tracker

If you’re the type that likes to use paper and pen, you can print this free breastfeeding tracker from The Bump. You’ll be able to record what time you nursed, what side, how long your baby fed, and your baby’s food. This information can come in handy at the pediatrician if there are any concerns.

When my baby was 3 days old we took her in for a routine exam and when the pediatrician asked me questions like how many times I was nursing a day, how many wet diapers she had and so on – I had no idea! Of course I was totally sleep-deprived and overwhelmed but I wish I had printed a tracker when I was pregnant! It could really come in useful even just to ease your mind.

Free Phone Call With Lactation Consultant

Gerber provides free 15-minute phone consultations with lactation consultants!

Gerber’s “Start Healthy Stay Healthy” program provides free 15-minute phone consultations with one of their board certified lactation consultants! Just click here to make an appointment and choose “Breastfeeding Education”. Breastfeeding can be a challenge in the beginning so having an expert to discuss your questions and concerns with is a great opportunity.  

I actually made an appointment myself and was really impressed by how helpful, knowledgable and sweet the lactation consultant was. So if you’re concerned about Gerber being a formula company, I can assure you that there is no trick here.  This free phone call is truly about helping you breastfeed.

Free Breastfeeding Apps

I wrote a review awhile back about BabyBix, a free app and website that tracks baby activities including breastfeeding. I used it mostly to track sleep but it would be great for breastfeeding too! I really appreciate this app.  I found a few other free apps that you might find useful.

Save money on nursing-related expenses with these breastfeeding freebies and deals!

Breastfeeding Deals and Coupons

Breastfeeding Freebies and Deals

Here are some great breastfeeding deals that you might want to take advantage of. While I was nursing my daughter, we were on a pretty tight budget so I became familiar with budget-friendly breastfeeding products. You can also check out my breastfeeding deals page to find current deals that often only last a day or two.

  • If insurance doesn’t cover your breast pump, you can almost always find a manual pump on Amazon for under $40 and even under $30 sometimes. At the time I am writing this, the Lansinoh manual breast pump is only $23.83 and has extremely positive reviews!
  • Gilligan & O’Malley also has a lot of affordable nursing bras that I found to be comfortable. The best nursing bra in my opinion is the Bravado nursing bra but it is expensive. Bravado is sometimes on Zulily and once in awhile you can use a coupon code to get a great deal over at Gap.
  • Speaking of Gap, they often have a coupon code for 30% – 35% off and they have nursing tops that are all under $30 before you even apply the code!
  • If you’re looking for an affordable nursing cover, check out Trend Lab Nursing Covers on Amazon. They’re $14.95 but I’ve seen some prints drop down to as low as $9.99. Amazon often has great discounts on really nice nursing covers. You can see their best selling covers right here. I have one from Udder Covers and while the material was a bit flimsy, it did the job and I used it a lot with no major complaints.  Their website is always running the same deal for a “free” nursing cover so just google for a coupon code. You’ll pay a shipping fee but it’s still a better deal than getting one on Amazon or at Motherhood Maternity.
  • Nursing pillows are extremely helpful and I am a huge fan of the Boppy pillow. However, you might want to look at the NurSit Nursing Pillow which is under $20 and the reviews are favorable. Also, I’ve been seeing lots of great deals on the My Brest Friend on Amazon. Right now there is one available for under $30!

I truly hope this post helps you save money and find greater success with breastfeeding. It is worth all the effort, time and money and is a wonderful gift for your baby. Research continually unveils more and more benefits from breast milk and it’s really an amazing experience to provide that to your baby.

If you have any questions or tips, please leave a comment or email me.

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